Pricing: The majority of products we carry are USD denominated currency. At the time of writing, the USD/CND dollar disparity is 1.36. Our pricing reflects a blended currency average of the past 6 months and varies based on our net purchase cost after conversion and importing fees. Volume buying results in shipping, broker fees and other importing cost savings that we can pass on to you.


Shipping: In stock items ships within two business days. Items we need to order from domestic Distributors will usually ship within 3-4 business days or can be shipped directly to you within one business day. Items that must be ordered from US Manufacturers will usually ship within 6-10 business days. Over time, our inventory management will increase to a level where the majority of products can ship directly from our warehouse within 1-2 business days. We offer a flat shipping rate of $20 for Western provinces and $30 for Eastern provinces. Larger items such as wheels, bike bags etc. will incur a flat $40 shipping charge. Framekit and complete bike will incur an $80 flat shipping rate. Local Victoria people can request pick up in store or drop-off at local BMX track. Our Vancouver mobile store will offer the same option.


Feedback: BMX racing is a small niche market in Canada making it a challenging business model. There are a number of variables and economic reasons why Canada never had a full scale BMX race shop similar to the ones available in the United States. We want to serve the Canadian BMX community over the long term and make products more affordable as we grow. For us to be successful, we need your feedback and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to reach out with constructive feedback on how we can improve our service to you.


Athlete support: There are easier ways to make money in life than to open and operate a BMX race store. No question about it. We are doing this because we love the sport and are just as passionate as you are. Part of our success will be the ability to reinvest in the sport we love, support riders in every way we can and give back to the BMX racing community.


2024 Factory Team; It is our intention to put together a Canadian Factory Team for the 2024 race season and support top Canadian athletes to help them achieve their goals. The 2024 BikeSupplies.ca Factory Team program will be laid out at the end of this racing season. Top Canadian athletes are welcome to reach out about the 2024 program.